the family mile

The Family Mile is a totally free, fun activity, where families can come together to do ‘Their Mile, Their Way’.

Funded by Sport England and working with local partners, The Mason Foundation work within localities to find, train and support local volunteer Ambassadors, to deliver fun Family Miles at a time and place that works for the community.

The Mason Foundation provide support and information to our dedicated team of Ambassadors to create fun and engaging Miles for everyone to enjoy. These include Nature Miles, Adventure Miles and Mystery Miles – we also love working with Ambassadors to create their own themed Miles.

We aim to make Family Miles as accessible as possible so the whole family can enjoy having fun and getting active, with no special equipment needed and absolutely nothing to pay.

As a way of celebrating and recognising the commitment of our Family Milers, we offer exclusive milestone and participation rewards, more information on these can be found on our rewards page.

So sign up to a local Family Mile today to have fun, earn rewards and take your first step to a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Our Themed Miles

Nature Mile

With every season comes something new to explore. Spending time in nature is incredibly beneficial for our mental and physical wellbeing; helping to improve our mood, reduce stress and enhance creativity. Our exciting Nature Miles attract all family members, offering families the opportunity to spot local wildlife, enjoy a scavenger hunt, and join in with art and craft ideas that naturally change with the seasons. Nature Mile workbooks and fun fact sheets are provided, adding an interactive layer to this Family Mile favourite!

Adventure Mile

The Adventure Mile is aimed at primary school children, encouraging them to use their imagination by taking them on an interactive adventure story! The Adventure Mile challenges their thinking with clues to find and riddles to solve, as well as offering the opportunity for kids to channel their creativity into some arts and crafts. Previous Adventure Miles have varied in theme from “The Lost Adventurer” – a story of trekking through thick jungle in search of the lost adventurer and the magic journey stick, to “The Pirate Adventure”- joining the captain’s crew on a voyage to find ancient treasures!

Mystery Mile

Can you crack the case? The Mystery Mile is an “inspector game” that requires you to walk from location to location to interview suspects and try to solve the case. This Mile is ideally suited for secondary school ages; however, every member of the family can get involved and be creative as they attempt to solve the mystery and delve into the Sherlock Holmes era…

Find a Family Mile

Do you want to join others in your area to become more active? We have some exciting Family Miles set up in various locations for you and your family to come along and do ‘Your Mile, Your Way’!

Each location we deliver in has its own vibrant Facebook page that includes all up to date event information, motivational posts, and the opportunity to interact and share your thoughts with other Family Milers in your community. Simply use the dropdown box below to see our currently available Family Miles - please note the location you select will open in a new browser tab, taking you straight to your local Family Mile Facebook page.

We’re constantly growing and setting up new Family Miles, so if you can’t see a Mile in your area yet, make sure to keep a look out for a Family Mile coming to you soon
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    The Family Mile is all about bringing people together to enjoy the many benefits of physical activity. Whether you’re registering on your own, as friends, as a couple, or as a family, we strive to create a supportive and friendly community where everyone can get a little fit and have a lot of fun – one Mile at a time. By registering for The Family Mile, you will gain access to our quarterly newsletters, keeping you up to date with all our latest events, news, and rewards. To register for The Family Mile please click below.

    Become a Family Mile Ambassador

    We are always looking for Family Mile Ambassadors to help set up and deliver each Mile. Are you a fun, enthusiastic person that enjoys being in nature? Do you know of a walking route you would love to share with other like-minded people? Then our volunteer Ambassador role may be just what you’re looking for! We would love to have your help to providing a fun, friendly atmosphere, supporting people in your community to get active through The Family Mile.
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    It’s important to us that we are offering that next step to support you with your goals beyond our organised Miles. You can be a Miler wherever you are in the world, whether you’re attending our Family Miles in person or doing ‘Your Mile, Your Way’ in your own time. So why not follow our socials to join a supportive and friendly digital community. The Mason Mile is a safe space where you can connect with like-minded individuals, sharing anything from tips to recipes and motivation – all complimenting your journey as a Miler!
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