Governance at The Mason Foundation

Governance Statement

The Mason Foundation’s board of trustees are committed to maintaining public trust, as well as helping shape and drive the long term direction and sustainability of the charity and the services we deliver. Our trustees hold overall accountability for how the charity is operated, ensuring all services and projects are delivered in line with our overarching policies and procedures.

Our overarching commitment to these governance processes allows us to continue to deliver safe, effective, user-centred and high quality services.

Strategy Summary

Our annual strategy for 2022-23 is to embed our Community Mile programme across the South-East, Midlands and North-West. We will build our network of trained champions, delivering starting point activity across priority neighbourhoods, throughout these 3 overarching regions.

Alongside our Community Mile delivery, we are piloting Propel in partnership with educational settings and businesses, with phase 1 rollout across Kent. Phase 2 rollout will be across London and Birmingham, with Phase 3 rolling out across the wider Black Country and Manchester.

Our Main Activities Over The Past Year

Throughout 2021-22 we have been rolling out The Community Mile Champions Programme across South-East and West-Midlands, with our delivery spanning:

  • Kent
  • Essex
  • London
  • Birmingham

We have also developed our Propel workplace support programme in collaboration with key strategic partners, including The Oaks Specialist College. We commenced the first stage of our pilot in Spring 2022, across Kent.

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