Governance at The Mason Foundation

Governance Statement

The Mason Foundation’s board of trustees are committed to maintaining public trust, as well as helping shape and drive the long term direction and sustainability of the charity and the services we deliver. Our trustees hold overall accountability for how the charity is operated, ensuring all services and projects are delivered in line with our overarching policies and procedures.

Our overarching commitment to these governance processes allows us to continue to deliver safe, effective, user-centred and high quality services.

Strategy Summary

Guided by our 2024-26 ‘Empowering Futures Strategy’, The Mason Foundation is passionate about driving change towards a fairer society, where every individual has the opportunity to lead a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life through volunteer and employment opportunities.

The Empowering Futures strategy lays out an exciting and comprehensive roadmap for creating a much fairer society.

Our aim is to serve as a catalyst for sustainable, cultural, and systemic change, ensuring future generations have access to the opportunities they are rightfully entitled to.

Over the next three years, we will extend our influence and reach throughout the UK, generating more than 13,000 opportunities for young neurodivergent people. Propel will remain dedicated to providing support, opportunities, and a nurturing approach to our growing network, acting as a springboard into suitable employment opportunities.

The Community Mile programme will continue to thrive, fostering unity among diverse communities. This locally led approach aligns well with Sport England’s Uniting the Movement Strategy, empowering those least active, to enjoy physical activity centred around their needs and capabilities.

Our Main Activities Over The Past Year

2023 has seen a period of operational growth and programme development for The Mason Foundation. Alongside our continued delivery and rollout of The Community Mile, we also continued to develop and launch our Propel programme. This has been designed to support and empower young people who are neurodivergent and with additional learning needs, into employment.

Propel provides training to both education staff and workplace employees, and by nurturing a growing network of volunteer Mentors, we are leading an exciting systemic transformation where diversity is wholeheartedly embraced. The aim is to ensure these remarkable individuals flourish in environments that are both supportive and empathetic.

The powerful connection between both our Community Mile and Propel programmes is at the heart of our mission, providing community-led physical activity and vocational development opportunities for everyone.


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