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We’d love to introduce you to The Mason Foundation’s dedicated and hard working team, without whom we wouldn’t be able to deliver our Mason Mile initiatives.

Anna Skeats

Chief Executive Officer


Anna was appointed Chief Executive Officer of The Mason Foundation in 2019 in the early stages of the charity’s formation. She has since led the transformation of the The Mason Foundation, securing significant funding to deliver their ambitious strategy, rolling out The Mason Mile to help the most vulnerable members of society become active. Her passion and drive to support communities, has been fuelled by her extensive experience in the public health sector that spans over 15 years.

Anna began her career as a Public Health Nutritionist, where she was responsible for developing, implementing, and leading various community based programmes. She soon advanced to senior leadership roles, overseeing various community health and wellbeing projects and initiatives both within The NHS and for a national social enterprise. More recently, in her previous role as Head of Business Development, Anna combined her passion for community wellbeing with her business and commercial acumen leading a large national health, leisure and wellbeing company, driving growth and development.

Anna is committed to supporting the development and delivery of cross-sector action to address health inequalities at a national and local level. It became clear to Anna that the needs and wellbeing of disadvantaged communities are often overlooked, and she felt it was paramount that she did something about this. Her unwavering commitment and drive to deliver a solution led Anna to her position at The Mason Foundation. Through her role as CEO, she strives to challenge inequalities and create a meaningful and lasting difference to those who need it most.

What inspires you most about working for The Mason Foundation?

I’m so proud to be leading an organisation that is so committed to its cause, supporting vulnerable individuals and communities who are most at need. It is the determination, dedication, and passion of The Mason Foundation team (both our wonderful staff and volunteers), working tirelessly to make a difference, that inspires me most. Without their constant drive, positivity, and resilience, our work would not be possible.

What is your favourite hobby?

I have recently taken to Stand Up Paddle Boarding… although I have to admit, it’s likely that I have spent significantly more time in the water than standing upright on the board this summer… having fallen in more times than I wish to admit!

How do you like to keep active?

I like to do a morning jog to keep myself fit and healthy. I find this is a great way to help me clear my head and focus on the day ahead. Alongside this, attempting to keep up with my 3 children seems to keep me pretty active…Although for 2 of them it is increasingly becoming taxi duties… with the youngest still enjoying pulling me around the soft play and trampolining parks!

Rosie Whitehead

Head of Operations and Engagement


With extensive experience in community engagement services, Rosie is plugged into this sector and well connected across the South East. As Head of Operations and Engagement, she is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of The Foundation’s day to day activities and leading engagement with partners, stakeholders, and funders. Rosie is committed to making a difference to the wellbeing of communities and this determination has formed the blueprint of her career.

Rosie attended the University of Greenwich, where she graduated with a degree in Events Management. It was here where she learnt to embrace a spreadsheet, a practice that translates in her exceptional organisational skills. After leaving University, Rosie began working for one of the UK’s leading Automotive PR agencies as an Events Executive. However, she soon realised she wanted to pursue a career that focused on supporting others.

Rosie has enjoyed various roles within the third sector and in 2017, began working for Red Zebra Community Solutions, where she successfully managed a project in Medway with a focus on community engagement and health improvement. Subsequently, Rosie was promoted to their Head of Operations in 2019 but did not lose her enthusiasm for supporting marginalised communities.

After a break to have her baby, Rosie is delighted to join The Mason Foundation in a role that combines her passion for engagement and communities with her excellent operational management skills.

What inspires you most about working for The Mason Foundation?

The way we just get on and make things happen! Being a small team with big ambition means that we are able to take ideas and passions and turn them into a reality. Everyone here is absolutely committed to making a positive difference and that makes for a very energetic and positive working environment.

What is your favourite hobby?

I’m a keen cook, so you’ll quite often find lists of ingredients and ideas for tasty dinners and lunches scribbled in the back of my notebooks or on random pieces of paper. It doesn’t always work out, but I love the creativity!

How do you like to keep active?

I have young children so it feels like I’m always on my feet, recently my eldest has begun to enjoy the ‘Disney Princess’ workouts which are free and available on YouTube so I tend to do a few of those a week – my favourite thing to do though is to put on a podcast and go for a long walk by the river, and if there is a coffee at the end of it too, then even better!

Deborah Dial

Business and Governance Manager


Deborah has played a pivotal role in our development. Her high level of accuracy and exceptional attention to detail are skills that have been carefully refined during her 17-year career. Deborah’s high standards have been consistently recognised by many as invaluable, thus shaping her professional growth within the corporate sector.

Deborah has enjoyed a variety of roles, including Account Manager for Eden Red and Board Level Executive Assistant for OSTC. Over the last few years, Deborah decided to channel her experience into helping start-up organisations embed good practices and successfully implement their strategy.

Deborah is a big advocate of health and wellbeing and has loved the opportunity to be involved in an organisation where she can use this passion to make a difference. Deborah has trained in many alternative therapies including massage, aromatherapy, mindfulness, and nutrition, and is also a mental health first aider – supporting those organisations that also champion mental health. She loves to stay active through Pilates, Yoga and Nordic walking, and has always enjoyed encouraging others to also have wellbeing at the forefront of their own goals.

What inspires you most about working for The Mason Foundation?

The Mason Foundation is passionate about supporting those that need help the most. It is so enjoyable and inspiring to work with people who are like-minded and also passionate about making a difference to people’s lives, no matter how small that may be. Value driven work is what keeps me motivated!

What is your favourite hobby?

I have quite a few hobbies! I love to cook and try out new recipes. I enjoy pilates, walking in nature, reading crime novels, and watching anything relating to ‘Medical’ on TV - especially documentaries. I also like to relax by meditating and using my ‘shakti mat’!

How do you like to keep active?

I love walking, especially when on holiday (coastal paths and forests are my favourite!) – Who doesn’t love a National Trust Place? I also enjoy Pilates and Yoga and do a few other exercise classes here and there!

Sarah Carr

Volunteer Co-ordinator and Administration Support


Sarah joined The Mason Foundation in early 2022 as our Volunteer Co-ordinator and Admin Support. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the voluntary/charity sector, both directly supporting volunteers and within various administration roles.

Having dedicated over a decade of her working career to supporting volunteers, Sarah recognises the value and enrichment that volunteers can bring to an organisation and its local community; something that is at the heart of everything we do at The Mason Foundation.

Sarah is responsible for supporting and guiding The Foundation’s growing team of Ambassadors and Champions, on their journeys to delivering ‘Their Mile, Their Way’, within the local community. Sarah is incredibly passionate about her role within The Mason Foundation, helping to bring communities together, and supporting them to improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

What inspires you most about working for The Mason Foundation?

The passion and commitment our team has for supporting people in improving their health, wellbeing, and their opportunities.

What is your favourite hobby?

Keeping up with The Real Housewives!

How do you like to keep active?

I like to take a daily 20-minute walk along a cycle path to our local creek and back. I find it both calming and energising in equal measures.

Hayley Noel

Operations & Partnership Manager, West Midlands


In January 2022, Hayley joined the team as The Foundation’s first Operations & Partnerships Manager in the West Midlands, reflecting our rapid growth.

Her excellent insight, positive attitude, and record of innovation within the sector aligned effortlessly to the genetic makeup of this role. Hayley is responsible for the development and implementation of The Mason Mile across the West Midlands, using her rich experience to drive innovation and empower disadvantaged communities.

Hayley graduated from The University of Worcester in 2015 with a degree in Sport Coaching and Sport Development, which propelled Hayley into her first role as an assistant development officer at an Active Partnership. Here she was responsible for supporting the NGB Manager to facilitate whole sport plans and fulfilment of obligations to Sport England; as well as running a GP referral scheme with two local GP practices, to encourage patients to build physical activity into their lives.

Hayley then moved onto working for a National Governing Body, where she provided customer focused club support, with signposts to appropriate resources. More recently, in her previous role as Partnership Manager, Hayley had the opportunity build on her experiences and manage the delivery of Sport England national programmes across Coventry, Solihull & Warwickshire, encouraging both children and adults to be more physically active.

Hayley is passionate about embedding ‘The Mile’ within communities to support individuals to be active in a way that suits them and their lifestyles, especially with those individuals who do not normally have the opportunity to do so.

What inspires you most about working for The Mason Foundation?

Empowering and supporting communities that are experiencing the most inequalities is what inspires me most about working for The Mason Foundation. I find it so rewarding watching the communities I am working with take their first step into physical activity. Especially for those individuals who felt like it ‘wasn’t for them’ and seeing the impact it has on their overall health and wellbeing.

What is your favourite hobby?

I have 2 favourite hobbies and I can’t pick between them! Since bringing home my puppy, Nelly, she has become my favourite being! I love spending time with her, taking her on walks, holidays and anywhere that is dog friendly! Nelly aside, I enjoy spending my days off visiting new places and trying new experiences with my friends and family.

How do you like to keep active?

I like to keep active through playing sports as then it’s fun and doesn’t feel like exercise. I have played golf since I was 8 years old and have just started attempting to play hockey.

Emma Pettifer

Training and Support Worker, West Midlands


In March 2023, Emma Joined the team as The Foundation’s Training and Support Worker in the West Midlands.

Emma is an experienced Children, Youth, and Family specialist, although for the past 13 years she has worked for the Diocese of Worcester as a Children’s Officer, training volunteers and key leaders and inspiring them to work with children and families within the community. Over the years, Emma has enhanced her training skills and looked deeply into how to train and run events for a wide range of people with different learning styles, making the training she delivers accessible to all – making her a perfect fit for The Mason Foundation!

After adopting 2 children who have different needs and abilities, Emma has strived to explore and research different techniques to help them navigate the world we live in. Through this Emma has become more creative in the way she delivers training trying hard to think about everyone’s different learning styles and abilities – her delivery is never dull!

Emma is passionate about training and inspiring those around her so that together we can change the mindset of society about how everyone regardless of their needs, ability, and learning difficulties all have an opportunity to succeed in their life and achieve anything they want to.

What inspires you most about working for the Mason Foundation?

The opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, empowering, inspiring, and supporting communities, schools and workplaces! It’s fantastic to be a part of a team who help, and support people take the first steps to understanding that everyone, regardless of age, disability or learning difficulty can achieve with the right support.

What is your Favourite hobby?

I have 3 hobbies and they are all equally matched! I love gardening; designing, landscaping, planting seeds, and protecting the nature in it. I also love sewing and crafting, creating new things out of nothing or changing old clothes and fabric into something new. My last love is baking; I love to make cakes for my family and friends, it gives me lots of joy and relaxation. I always like to make sure I have time to do my hobbies for my mental health and wellbeing.

How do you like to keep active?

I keep active through swimming as often as I can, I do love walking and exploring my surroundings as well as National Trust walks. Over the past year I have also been weightlifting, which I am really enjoying too!

Aleks Sienkiewicz

Training and Support Worker, London & South East


Our newest team member, Aleks, is a psychology graduate with a master’s degree in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Prior to joining The Mason Foundation, she was dedicated to working with individuals with learning disabilities at schools across London.

She’s extremely passionate about creating environments that celebrate and embrace inclusion and diversity. In her previous role within the NHS, Aleks was responsible for service audits, ensuring that the patients benefit to the maximum extent possible from the services provided to them.

In her new role as a Training and Support Worker for the South East, she will be engaging with our community groups, employers and educational settings to deliver both our Community Mile and Propel programmes.

Aleks is an advocate of a healthy body and mind, and that couldn’t align more with our Mason Foundation mission!

What inspires you the most about working for the Mason Foundation?

What inspires me the most is the fact that The Mason Foundation makes a real difference in communities and has a positive impact on people’s lives. It has always been my dream to help others. Working with like-minded people for a good cause is a dream come true!

What is your favourite hobby?

I’m really passionate about good cinema and I like going to flea markets hunting for unique pieces of porcelain.

How do you like to keep active?

I truly enjoy going on walks with my lovely dog Hector and running in the park! I also recently discovered my passion for yoga, which helps me to keep active and relax at the same time.


Youth Ambassador & Community Mile Champion


Pete began volunteering for The Mason Foundation in 2022 as a Community Mile Champion. He supports his community to get active by delivering his fun and engaging ‘Dance Mile’.

Pete ‘wowed’ the team with his energy and enthusiasm and has since been recruited as our Youth Ambassador, he creates video content for social media, supports the wider team at events and forms part of our Youth Panel, informing decision making processes within The Mason Foundation by providing his lived experience of both Propel and The Community Mile.

In his spare time, Pete has a regular presenting spot at his local hospital radio station and can be found playing a selection of tracks that boost the spirits of patients, visitors and staff at the hospital.

What inspires you most about working for The Mason Foundation?

I love taking part and helping with the sports events, the team are really supportive and we’re like a huge family. There is a lot of encouragement and motivation in the team when delivering the programmes, the encouragement and support have really boosted my confidence.

What is your favourite hobby?

My favourite hobby is music, music is my passion and I love playing the electric guitar and I absolutely love listening to music, I love dancing and I love singing.

How do you like to keep active?

I love to keep active by dancing, I have also been taking part in different sports that the other students who are Community Mile Champions have been delivering at my college, including Hockey and Football – I really like the warm ups.