Propel was established to support young people with additional needs, to access and thrive in meaningful and sustainable employment.
With only 5.1% of UK adults with a learning disability in paid employment*, Propel aims to reverse this trend by supporting every part of a young person’s journey into the right employment.
Propel is a specialist training, consultancy, and recruitment provider, tailored to empower and support both young people preparing to access employment, and those employers who will be providing the work opportunities.
We know that with the right support, young people with additional needs can not only thrive within a suitable workplace, but they can also add significant value to any business.
A recent study showed those with a learning disability stayed in their job 3.5 times longer than those co-workers without a disability*. It also revealed that higher costs are actually incurred by employers through lateness, sick leave, and absence by non-disabled workers, than employees with a learning disability.
Many employers report that their employees with a learning disability, are often very dedicated to their job, which in turn reduces staff turnover. This helps decrease recruitment costs such as advertising for a vacant position, and salaried time spent reviewing applications, interviewing potential candidates, and training.
This evidence supports what we at The Mason Foundation and Propel know to be true; that people with a learning disability can add tremendous value to your workplace as reliable members of your team, with an additional benefit of saving you time and money.
*Beyer and Beyer (2017) 1.2, Reliability of workers
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