the mason foundation

The Mason Foundation was set up with the single mission of supporting individuals and communities to live happier, healthier, more active and fulfilled lives

The Mason Foundation provides opportunities for individuals and communities to come together, to support one another to a better way of life.

Our mission is to reduce inequalities and to create opportunities for everyone, particularly for those in society who need help the most. Everything we do is led and delivered by the community, ensuring long-lasting, sustainable change! Our two core programmes which aim to achieve this are:

The Community Mile

Providing that first step to activity for people who may, otherwise, feel exercise is not for them. The Community Mile provides a fun, safe environment, without the need for any posh kit or devices, for local community settings to join together in walking #TheirMileTheirWay. Led and delivered by the community, for the community, the rollout of this initiative is making great traction!

If you are interested in setting up a Community Mile for your local setting, please get in touch HERE.


Through our wonderful partnership with The Oaks Specialist College, we are passionate about reducing the inequalities and challenges faced by many young people with learning disabilities, in securing appropriate and sustainable employment. Only 5.1% of UK adults with a learning disability are in paid employment, yet the global economy is struggling with a shortage of workers for entry-level roles… a disconnect we just can’t understand! Propel was developed to overcome these barriers and support young people with learning disabilities, to thrive in the workplace.

If you are a business wanting to make your company more inclusive and accessible, by providing opportunities to some incredibly talented young people with learning disabilities; or you are an education setting who would like to better support your SEND students into adult life after school/college, please get in touch HERE.

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